Emma Award winner

Best in Education and Training 2019 Winner

'When I was a child, my friends would call me African Union because of how diverse my family is. My father is an Ivorian by birth while my mother, Senegalese. My grandmother was half French and half Malian. Our family stretches out into Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria, Malawi and Mauritania just to name a few. My love for Africa is deeply rooted. 

My mission is to contribute, influence and where possible create honest opportunities for young Africans and African women, without compromising my integrity. This means impacting first and foremost my family and raising children who are God-fearing, healthy, educated, and passionate about their culture.
It also means playing a critical role in my community, investing in young people, transforming minds, helping people turn their vision into realities and being part of the solution.

I long for the day when Africans will own and run most, if not all businesses within their territories. I long for the day Africa will be free of corruption and greed. I long for the day when Africans will appreciate their own continent, invest in it and be united. I long for the day when African countries will no longer live below $1, die from hunger or due to lack of medical care. I long for the day where Africans will speak their mind and not be influenced by fear.

I am blessed to have worked all over the continent and hope to see the work I do influence that change.' Emmanuella Aboa.