Last saturday i attended a talk organized by Power Talk Women the female branch of Power Talk. I am rarely impressed by people but i admit having been highly motivated. The discussions, guests, decoration and performance all contributed to the look and feel of the meeting..

Having read many books on the subject, i tend to agree that women can have it all just not at once.

My days are not all similar but most days are. I wake up and ensure i spend quality time with my last born who is currently 4 months old. I bath and feed him and get ready for work. His elder siblings are already in school by then. I go to work where i am employed and then to my own company. I constantly have to remind myself that in one company i have an authority over me while in the other i am the authority. I have gained valuable lessons from both companies. With my employer as much as i hold a management position, i have learned to be humble and still fight for what i believe in when need be. In my company, i have learned the valuable skill of actively listening and appreciating others and set our strategic direction.

In between i hold several meetings with individuals from all over the continent through skype and some one on one. When i am done, i go to the gym as it is the only thing that keeps me sane. After the gym, I go home and invest thoroughly in my family: homework, cooking, conversation – you name it.

Once everyone is in bed, i spend time reading and catching up with the international news. As mentioned not all days are the same. Sometimes i go for my piano lessons instead of the gym. Some other times, i attend dinner meeting instead of my usual homework and cooking sessions. But what matters is my presence (both body and mind) in every area of my life. I am still learning to balance it all and i believe that the puzzle will eventually be completed.