Over the past two years, Kenya has benefitted largely from donation from foreign institutions. My country Cote D’Ivoire is no exception. Billions have been poured in Cote D’Ivoire to reconstruct our infrastructure after our civil war. I have cheered the development but kept wondering...

I read a lot and one of the books I am currently reading (that I highly recommend) has been an eye opener. The book is written by former EHM John Perkins and is titled: ‘The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.’ 
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In his book, John explains how he began working for an American firm with the sole task to inflame economic numbers and lure foreign countries into taking long term loans. Convinced by the data by the so called professionals, countries take on loans unaware that the ultimate purpose is to make them more dependent and enrich the “Kingdom”. The kingdom alluding to the “USA”
Our leaders (except in some few cases) are usually in power for 8 years and therefore a 20 year loan may not have a direct impact on them. The infrastructure expansion makes the population happy and guarantees the leader another term but in true essence it affects the poor who keeps getting poorer as a result of increased taxes.
I was happy when Zambian writer Dambisa Moyo wrote her book “Dead Aid”. I have had the privilege to attend many international conferences with Politicians echoing her words; my question is and remains: “what are we doing about it?”
Professor Lumumba made a brilliant speech on the same during an international meeting. I did not attend that particular meeting but a friend of mine forwarded the video and was amazed by his oratory skills. We know Lumumba and can’t argue that he is indeed a brilliant man but i wish that he had also shared during his speech what he himself does to ensure this paradigm shift. I am not picking on him but would really like to know what our African leaders are doing to stop our dependence on the USA and equivalent instead of telling us what we already know. It cannot be sudden but we need to start somewhere...