As we commemorate the International Day of the Girl child, our dream and fight for a better tomorrow for our girls is still hindered by discrimination in education, health care, basic human needs, pay and job advancement.

In Africa, the same song is played. They are very few female executives in our organizations and yet girls in school tend to outperform boys and have a higher amount of work later on in life. Unfortunately very few girls have the opportunity to go to school as parents tend to invest in the education of the boy child.


I was listening to a conversation this morning on Waumini FM about the role women should play in society. To my surprise, some callers felt that women should not be too educated as they tend to neglect family life at the expense of career.  They say career women focus immensely on their work and choose not to fulfil God’s plan to fill the earth and build a home.

Isn’t that such a primitive way of thinking especially in the 21st century? I am outraged by that comment.

There is no woman I know who would not choose family over career; who would not lay down her life for her family; who would not want to be an outstanding wife and mother. However the shift came about as a result of disappointment from men. I have met faithful, homely, God-fearing women who have cheated (although they never saw that coming) because they were deprived of their most basic needs.

The society blames women for many of today’s problems yet we are the builders of our nation. The 21st Century man (with the approval of the society) believes that:

  1. It is ok for men to cheat
  2. It is ok for men to beat up their wives
  3. It is ok for family men to come home late at night
  4. It is ok for men to drink and get drunk
  5. It is ok for men to abuse their wives emotionally if he provides for her financially
  6. It is ok for men to lie
  7. It is ok for men to use women


But if a woman does the same, she is immediately crucified. It has been forcefully placed in our mind-set that if a woman has a cheating spouse, she should thank God for not having one who beats her up and vice versa. Unfortunately rarely do they think of HIV and AIDS as a killer and a big hindrance in the family, depression or death as a result of the beating.

Women cheat now more than men- fact! Women are unhappy and end up finding joy in their children, in their work and yes in the arms of other men even if they know it is just a short illusion.  Women are not walls. Women are not animals. Women are not as strong as people think. The Bible says it well when it describes the woman as the ‘weaker vessel’. As much as this phrase has been misused, I believe the context in this article portrays the truth:

The context of1 Peter 3:7is the Apostle Peter’s instructions concerning living as godly believers toward one another beginning in the home (1 Peter 3:1-12). The husband is to “dwell with his wife according to knowledge, giving her honor as the weaker vessel” (KJV). The word “dwell” is in the imperative and has the idea of standing beside, dwelling with in a presiding position. In other words, the husband is to take his place as the head, according to God’s order.

The word “knowledge” in
1 Peter 3:7could be translated as “understanding.” Both men and women have difficulty understanding their spouses. It takes commitment and surrender to God’s order on the part of both partners to come to a place of true understanding. Understanding is the basis for seeing one’s wife as a vessel to honor, respect and care for because she is weaker. This is not a popular idea among many women or even many men. However, the Scripture tells us that the woman was deceived (1 Timothy 2:14), she is subject to her husband (1 Peter 3:1) and that she is a “weaker” vessel. That women are usually physically weaker is undeniable, but the implication of the fall is that by virtue of her being deceived by Satan, womenmayalso sometimes be weaker in other ways. That definitely does not mean she is less valuable (Ephesians 1:6) or that she does not have equal access to grace (Galatians 3:28). Rather, it is a basis for a husband to treat his wife with understanding, tenderness, and patience.

The Apostle Paul adds a lot of weight to this idea because he writes that the husband is the head of the family as Christ is the head of the church (
Ephesians 5:23) and because of that the husband is to love his wife “as” (sets up the comparison) or in the same way that Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it (Ephesians 5:25). That means the husband has a great deal more responsibility in the marriage than the wife does. He is the leader, and he is to set the tone for the relationship, and a man who honors his wife and puts her first before all but God will have a wife that responds.’’

It is important to fight for the right and education of the girl child but those girls will grow and become women and if not well guided will fall under the prey of destructive men and unfortunately women whose advice will lead them into depression and death. Let’s stand for and with our girls. Happy Girl’s Day!