The world is shifting. To where? Is indeed the million-dollar question. Brexit and Donald Trump’s win were two highly unexpected results.

Globalization has lost its meaning over time as it only seems to favor certain nations. But the choices made by these two great countries portray the individualism the world is slowly embracing.

I hope this ends up being a wake-up call for Africa and Africans. If we do not stand up, learn to use our resources for our own people and seriously fight corruption, we will continue being pawn in a chess game and our future will continue being created for us.

I have followed closely the American election and I still cannot believe that Trump won the presidency. I am in total shock but the choice has been made and should be respected. I have however learnt two key elements from this election which I believe is important in leadership today:

  1. Do not be defined by the status quo.

If anyone followed the election as close as I did, the answers and believes of Trump were just absurd. I would replay his speeches just to make sure I was hearing the right thing and there it was- I was not dreaming. Despite this, Trump remained who he was- himself. He never tried to impersonate anyone. He stood up for what he believed in and irrespective of how much he was criticized, stood his ground.

2. Mainstream media and popular opinion do not constitute success.

This is no news. The Americans exercised their first Amendment right- the right to freedom of speech…or of the press. Most if not all mainstream media were in favor of Clinton. The discussions and debate held on major cable and satellite television channels inclined towards Hilary’s strategies and Presidency. However, this did not discourage Trump who kept fighting back. His communication and PR team maximized the platforms he had, amplified a failed nation based on his perception and kept pressing it on no matter how much barrier they faced.

So there you have it people if you can learn anything from Donald then learn the above. This is a name which will be remembered throughout history.

                                                             Congratulation President Donald Pence Trump.