It is that time of year again to write those new resolutions you always wish to achieve but never know how to implement.
This year i would like to help you achieve those goals with simple steps- after all the only way to ever achieve a goal is by simplifying it.
1) Be grateful to God: many people would have wished to see the end of the year but did not have the opportunity. You are alive thank God for this and pray that His purpose for you be made clear. If you are still alive then you need to remind yourself that you are yet to achieve your purpose.
2) Write down 3 SMART short-term goals you intend to achieve during the year. Writing SMART goals will help improve the chances of accomplishing them. We are looking at short-term goals because the resolution will only cover a specific year. If your long-term plan is to purchase a house, your 2017 short-term goals could be to save kshs 20,000 every month, invest, purchase land, research more about the real estate market dos and donts etc.
3) Clearly map out how you plan to achieve those goals. Unless you are clear about what you wish to achieve and how you plan to implement it, writing down is simply a waste of time. If for example you plan to save kshs 20,000 per month you need to insure that you have enough income to do so. If not, some of the questions you could consider could be: how do i cut on my existing cost to get that amount? Do i have some assets that can help me generate the 20,000? What side hustle can help me generate the needed amount? 
4) Get a coach: whether you know or don't know what those goals are, get a coach. The role of a coach in a nutshell is to help you improve your life in a particular area/based on a particular need.
If you do not know what you wish to achieve it is the duty of a coach to help you identify those goals. If however you do, your coach will help you discover yourself and refine your plan. We have worked with several individuals to help them achieve their goals, contact Transolution Services should you need more information about our coaching services.
5) Get an accountability partner with or without similar goals (does not matter. The most important is to have a partner with goals) and support each other during the year. 
Your accountability partner should reinforce the plan you would have created with your coach (it is good to note that some coach would provide you the same service at an additional cost)
6) Be focus: stick to your plan by avoiding distraction. If you allow yourself to be distracted you will not only delay your achievement but worse not achieve it at all. Practice discipline by renouncing to distraction.
Time flies make the most of your time. Do not just live, make an impact. Do not just exist, make sure you refine yourself.