When looking for food, ants follow each other in a straight line until the food is found. Human beings have similar characteristics when faced with unfamiliar situations. We tend to follow the ‘leader’: the person who speaks first or is good at holding great conversations.

I have attended a number of workshops and whenever people are given a chance to introduce themselves the first introduction sets the tone for the rest of the group. ‘Hi, I am Joyce and I am happy to be here’ and the rest of the ‘ants’ follow the trail.


In my previous articles, I have spoken about the importance of setting goals and align them with your daily actions. You are a brand and it is crucial to portray it at all times.  

When you begin to understand who you are, what you stand for and where you wish to go, you will understand that every opportunity you get should be used adequately and purposely to market your brand. That also means unfollow the ants’ trail.

Your brand is more than your name or your job title. It is a set of values, memories, relationships, expectations and ideas. It indicates what you offer- performance, contribution and reputation and showcasing your personal brand will give you recognition, opportunities, place you as an expert in your field, increase partnership and in general give you greater value.

I read an article on thebalance.com that summarizes what your brand should cover:

‘’I am……

I exist……’’

Your brand is yours. It is unique to you and its absolutely ok if some people don’t like it, identify with it or approve of it. No one can claim your brand so think critically when formulating the qualities you have and the values you stand for.

During my training sessions, I request participants to get feedback from the people who know them best to help them understand how they portray themselves. Do they showcase their qualities or follow the ants’ trail? This has been an eye opener for many starting with myself.

So next time you get an opportunity to introduce yourself, remember most people will forget your name as soon as you take your seat and they do not care that you are happy to be there. Take the bull by its horns and maximize the few minutes you have to market your brand.