Organizations are a reflection of its top management or founder. If the top management is closed-minded, staff will have limited say. If the top management is people-oriented, the priority will be on its staff. If top management is corrupted, well you guess it right, so will the staff.


The corporate culture is a collection of beliefs, expectations and values by its Founders/top management. There is a direct correlation between Founders personality/beliefs and the culture of any organization. It is therefore important for employees to understand themselves, their vision, aspiration and what they stand for before applying to any organization. It may not necessarily be a greener pasture on the other side, researching is a critical step when looking for a job.

‘In his book Strategic Management and Business policy: globalization, innovation and sustainability, Author Thomas L. Wheelan describes ‘culture as a component that fulfills several important function in an organization:

  1. Conveys a sense of identity for employees
  2. Helps generate employees’ commitment to something greater than themselves
  3. Adds to the stability of the organization as a social system
  4. Serves as a frame of reference for employees to sue to make sense of organizational activities and to use as a guide for appropriate behavior.’

There is never a right way or wrong way to do something but the company way.