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Saturday was the day. I sent a text to your father and asked him to get back to the house to watch over your siblings. I had been unwell and felt it was time to go to the hospital.
I was attending our annual Director Conference in Ghana when I got sick. Of all the days, it had to be the day of my presentation. I tried my best to survive the rest of the conference.
I put it on fatigue but when I came back to Nairobi and despite the much needed rest, I remained weak, I knew something was wrong.
I could barely stand on my two feet when I entered Nairobi Hospital. I told the Doctor that I suspected an infection from something I must have eaten. The Doctor reassured me that a test would be done and requested for a pregnancy test too.
"Why?" I asked.
"Just to be sure," was his reply.
"I am sure I am not pregnant. My last born just turned 8 months. I do not intend to have any other baby."
"Allow me to confirm please."
"Go ahead but it is a waste of time."
The Doctor requested that i lie down until the result comes out. By then, your father had put Nuella and Powell to bed and had come to the hospital with Emmanuel.
I slept. Shortly after the Doctor came in. He informed me that I had indeed gotten an infection and congratulated me on my pregnancy.
"Is that a joke?" I asked.
"How did that happen?" The sarcastic expression on his face was enough to keep me quiet.
You see daughter, I was shocked but nothing prepared me for the fact that i was 3 months pregnant then. I could not understand how this could have passed me by. I could not understand how busy i could have been to not know you had been in my womb, for three months. I thank God that i don't drink or smoke otherwise i do not know what could have happened to you.
This all seems like yesterday as i stare into your eyes. The fear, the uncertainty, the confusion, nothing matter since I first held you into my arms. Your father is also super excited. Nuella and Powell have, for the past 5 months, wished you good night every single night and good morning every morning.

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I still can't tell you who is more excited. We all are. We love you so much.

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Can't wait to take you home.

Welcome to the world baby Peace.