Last weekend, I finally used the SGR. I am a late buyer, I tend to wait for a product to be widely accepted and rely on the informatiom obtained from the media to make a decision.
My family went to Mombasa to bond and relax. Apart from my husband who had already used it, we were all overly excited to use the SGR. The last time i was in a train was over 25 years ago and it didnt have a "1st class cabin"as is the case in the SGR.

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My family loves to travel and more so, on roads. Our longest road trip was to Malawi which we really enjoyed. We travelled by road to Mombasa severally. We would depart Nairobi at 7am and arrive in Mombasa around 8 or 9pm, if we were lucky, as most times the trucks on the road would cause us to arrive around 10pm. It was a great pleasure to still have a road trip with a shorter distance. The SGR took us to Mombasa in 5 hours.

To my surprise, the station was well organized, with clear signs at every angle and courteous employees to assist.
As we got closer to the train and my 3rd born kept running around,a staff quickly got hold of him and told me very politely that the "yellow area" was dangerous and I should hold the child's hand.
We departed at exactly 2:30pm. That was an awesome surprise. I am so used to having Africans arrive and depart late that witnessing how punctual the train was, was incredible. I do hope this will continue.
The cabins were incredibly clean. The hostesses kept reminding passengers of the importance of cleaniness. They also cleaned the wagon severally to reinforce the message.
I also enjoyed the moving chairs. Although we were seated on different seats, we could move the chairs, face each other and bond. That was pretty cool.

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I was, however, disappointed by the lack of 'entertainment'. I expected there will be TV screens and we would watch some movies at a point but no, that was not the case. Our excitement lasted exactly one hour before the children's boredom kicked in. I wished there was a space allocated to children-a place with toys, painting just anything to distract them. So if you plan to travel, bring some entertainment. Looking at the grass, trees and the occasioned animals became boring after sometimes. The SGR is definetely a good initiative and an experience worth trying.