I first heard about "Guru"- the Kenyan billionaire, when i was watching the evening news on Citizen TV. He was being recognized for his contribution to the Kenyan’s economy and the launch of his book.

Two things attracted me to the man:

1. His humility: for a billionaire, i felt that his behavior, way of speaking and general presentation were too simple. I was curious to know him.

2. Family outlook: he was the first businessman i came across who was interviewed with his wife and children and allowed his wife to speak. He came out as a family person, which is one of my most cherished value.

I felt a deep sense of respect toward the man and as an avid reader, I was absolutely excited when i came to know about his book "A Long Walk To Success." The book is incredible and long indeed. When you read the book, you feel connected to the author. As a reader, you feel part of his journey. You share his pain and joy. You feel the heart of the man. It is a very well written book filled with motivational messages.


Some few take away from the book:


1. "Dare to dream with your eyes open, Put all the sweat, hard work and determination to achieve them, Have the courage to face all adversities, Never give up on your dreams even if it means to stand alone, Your dreams will come true."

2. "Truth has been another important trait that I have followed throughout my life and have formed a habit of assessing myself at the end of each day. I introspect and evaluate whether I have done something wrong that day, whether I have knowingly or unknowingly offended or lied to someone. I have always made it a point to correct myself before retiring for the day. Due to this habit, I am blessed with ‘peaceful sleep’. Every time I lie down, I fall fast asleep and wake up straight in the morning."

3. "Change is an inevitable part of our life. Life is actually fueled by change, though most of us want it to be stable. Without change, there would be no life at all. If we have to progress, there has to be change, because change precedes growth."

4. "Without anything to struggle for, there would be nothing to achieve."


1. "I never gave up my faith in God. I continued my prayers for granting me the strength and courage to face life. I believe that when we pray with all our heart, God hears much more than we ever say; answers more than we ever ask for and grants us with much more than we ever imagine–all in His own way and at the right time."


1. "While it is imperative for all of us to have a basic education, qualifying as a graduate, postgraduate, securing a masters or technical skills are not necessary for an entrepreneur."

2. "Business is dynamic and cyclic in nature; one has to be vigilant all the while and there is no room for complacency."


1. "Good employers always weigh experience heavily against education."


1. ‘Think twice before you spend a single penny on yourself, but never think twice if you want to spend a million dollars on helping others.’


1. "Family is where life begins and love never ends."