John and Lynda have been married for 5 years. Unlike most marriages which begin with utmost joy, their relationships have been filled with anger, disappointment and regrets from the very onset.


Although they love each other, they are now considering divorce as the best and most practical solution. Before making that move, they opted to see 2 different counsellors, myself included, and ensure they had tried all possible options.

Upon hearing them narrate their problems, I quickly noticed their different personalities. Lynda likes rules and regulations. Her entire life is based on order, processes and a strong sense of self. John, however, is a free spirited type of man. He does not give order and does not like being ordered around. Their strong personal convictions about lives affect the way they communicate and relate to each other.

When a client comes to us, the first thing we make them do is a psychometric evaluation. Even though, our team of experts are able to classify clients easily and fast, it is always important to have the clients go through their personal profile, that of their spouses/children/colleagues/friends’, get that ‘aha’ moment and begin to assemble the puzzles. A psychometric test is a scientific technique used to assess individuals’ mental, behavioural, and aptitude abilities. Although widely used in career recruitment, advancement and development, it is also vital in other areas.

If we liken our lives to a journey, it is wise to establish where you are starting from and where you intend to go. Some people may amble through life without any sense of direction or purpose, and others may wish to challenge themselves on the way by metaphorically climbing mountains. Our analysis showcases a pathway to establish the most effective route 'up the mountain' in order to bring 'clarity' and 'purpose' to your goal: to reach the heights of self-understanding. Our profile, Clarity 4D, is used for a number of applications from personal and career development, personal relationships, team dynamics, family therapy and coaching. Specifically, why “Clarity”? This is about looking at our behaviours and psychological preferences from a number of viewpoints and gaining greater awareness of the impact of those behaviours on others. This helps in making conscious informed choices about what is right for you and your surroundings.

Aware that development doesn’t happen overnight and that it takes a long time and committed effort to produce consistent behaviours, our coaching and counselling sessions will help you re/discover yourself and give you the foundation to get the life you desire. Before you make the critical decision to end that relationship, get into a new relationship or give-up on that child, contact us for a session.