Your company is NOT your family.

family lie

As leaders we are often confronted with the ideology of creating a ‘fun’ place for our staff versus ensuring delivery and performance expectations. Even though many would argue that a conducive environment lead to loyal staff and achievers, the old adage is not always true. ‘’Reality is only a reflection of our own intentions, biases and desires.’’

To succeed in an organization, we not only have to perform above the expectations, but similarly deal with bosses who are dictators and co-workers who are difficult to understand and work with. Managing office politics and relationships is key to success.

Your company is NOT your family, your colleagues are not your friends and your deeply rooted values simply do not apply at work. Our constitution talks of freedom of speech and human rights, but for many organizations, this is certainly not the case. Your boss owns the right to your speech and dictates your liberties. He or she determines your pay, peace of mind, progress, assignments and pretty much your entire life. Office politics is a game and like any other game, winning start by defining your goals. What do you wish to gain in your organization? Why are you in the organization in the first place? Determining your goals helps you remain focused.

Your company is NOT your family and fairness does not apply. In office politics, we must identify a leverage to win the game. Who can speak on your behalf when you are not in the room? What positive relationships have you created to gain political power? Who are your allies?

Your company is NOT your family and constant whining will not bring you sympathy. You will be perceived as a complainer and no one wants to be around complainers. Your boss is looking for a problem solver, someone who takes initiatives, accomplishes tasks and relates with people.

Your company is NOT your family, you can be fired. We live in an imperfect world, so wear your big girl (boy) pant and get outside your comfort zone.