Last year i was privileged to be invited by Hon. Anthony Oluoch at the Mathare Career Fair to motivate the young people who were doing their exams. It did not take me long to notice in the group, a very bright young girl who must have been around 15 years. I approached her at the end of our session to know her better and share my contact. I mentioned that if her parents ever experienced challenges completing her education, with God help, i would be there to assist because such intelligence should be utilised.

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She called me in December to inform me that she got 410 points and was the best in her class. I was overjoyed.

As we celebrate the day of education, i am reminded of her and the many more young girls and boys who work so hard and are either not able to complete their education due to lack of fund or get a job due to lack of opportunities.

The provision of free education in Kenya is without any doubt the greatest achievement of the Government, even though its implementation has been challenging.

The increase in school enrolment since its deployment reinforces the importance of education among parents, who in most cases, did not have the chance to pursue their education and wish to see the dream in their kids.

Thanks to this, young kids such as Aby, have the opportunity to become Doctors, Engineers, Businessmen/women and contribute to the development of their country.

At Transolution Services, we value education and tirelessly work with the best experts internationally and locally to develop contents that can help young people strive within their ecosystems: 14+ countries, 10,000+ young people, 15+ educational institutions, and counting... 

Happy International Day of Education!