In 1995, thousands of delegates travelled to Beijing to attend the fourth World Women’s Conference aimed at promoting women’s rights and advancing gender equality. 2020 marks the 25 years of the conference.
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Today I attended a talk hosted by #AfricaForAfrica that evaluated the significance of Beijing25+ to African Women in driving the socio-economic growth of the continent. The talk covered a number of items pertaining to African women such as: gender equality, financial inclusion, leadership and poverty eradication.
One of the panellists was former Malawian President- HE Dr Joyce Banda. In her address, she asked two questions that i considered important in progressing the discussion, and ensuring Africa continues to record great progress in the fight against gender equality. She asked:
1. Even though policies have been implemented in the continent to ensure women hold leadership positions within their countries' business and political spheres, very little is shown on the ground. How do we get into top managerial positions when they are already held by men? 
2. How can women support each other when they get to the top? 
This question reminded me of the famous quote "women are their worst enemies". 
Could the low statistics reaffirm this statement? Why don't we help other women rise when we get to the top? How can we change the status quo? As women, do we mentor other women? As leaders, do we provide equal opportunities and remove the gender pay gap? These are questions every woman should meditate on. Our fight for gender equality depends on the actions we take not only as a country, but more so as individuals.