Don’t sell yourself short. No one will value you. Set a fair price for you, your book, your services, whatever it is that you have to offer...” John kremer.

The flexibility and bespoke approach of service providers make it difficult for most to appreciate the values they provide and price their offerings accordingly.

As a service provider, remember that you sell your expertise and your time, and like one Frank Kitonga rightfully said "if you give what you are supposed to sell, you are inviting poverty."

Covid 19 exposed many opportunities that can help you position yourself competitively. You can build a global brand as a result of the growth in digitization, and price your services based on the benefits you offer.
When pricing, be clear about your cost (which not only include your time and expertise but also your fixed cost such as rent, and variable cost such as advertisements) and your value (the perceived benefits of your offering).
You can then decide to structure your price based on your cost or your value. If you choose a cost based pricing, you will take the cost of producing your service and add a surplus to make a profit. If you however opt for a value based pricing, your price will be based on what your customers are willing to pay through the perceived benefits. Remember that your target market will also determine the pricing strategy you will use.


Whether your services are perceived as economic or high end, you will always get clients. However, no one will ever buy your service if you, as a business owner, don't have confidence in what you offer and if you are unclear about the value you provide.

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