Since the confirmation of #Covid19 in #Kenya, we have witnessed purges of laid off across all industries. Even though some industries have been hit more than others, no one has been spared. 
Results? Blogs and mainstream media encouraging individuals to develop a #sidehustle to survive. Yet, not everybody can be an #entrepreneur. Having a side hustle and a job can be draining and lead to #burnout. 
"Being employed is the beginning of being fired," many say. Yet no one talks about the fact that balancing both can affect ones relationships, work performance, and physical and mental health. What about staff #productivity? There is nothing worse than having an #employee whose attention is divided. Job security is critical for any staff and more so for single parents and parents with families. Mortgage, loans, school fees, food are realities people are confronted with. 
Beside side hustle, there has also been an increasing number of employees who market what they do, the industry they are in, rather than the company they represent. They are building their personal #brands, rather than that of their company. 
The biggest asset of any organization is its staff. Zig Ziglar once said: "you don't build a business, you build people, then people build the business." 
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I absolutely encourage people to get into other type of employment to supplement their #income but more importantly to develop new #skills. However, as a business owner, there are pertinent questions you must begin to ask yourself as you navigate this unpredictable season. Will the side hustle be the beginning or the end of your company's productivity? Looking into the future, what might happen when the focus of your staff is divided? What can you do to address the financial needs of your workforce? What can you do to provide job security? Do you have a policy that supports employees side hustle the right way? Where is the line drawn? Should the size of your company be considered when allowing side hustles? Should you add a non-compete clause in your staff's contracts?  
As an employee, what are the repercussions of having your full time employment and hustle on your LinkedIn, for example? Should you employ someone on a part time basis to manage your side hustle? These are some questions that must be addressed before venturing in the unknown.