Life will only give you what you fight for.  While this statement resonates well with certain #personalities, it may carry more weight with others. 
I am often amazed by the #misconceptions that surround #introverts.
Even though some are shy, many are not.
People are puzzled when i say that i am an introvert. "You are so confident," is often the phrase that follows my revelation, and yes i am. I am neither shy nor afraid to speak up. I founded a company where i constantly speak. 
Being an introvert does not necessarily mean that we are shy, it simply means that we get our energy from within. After a speaking engagement, for example, the last thing i want to do is surround myself with more people. I am literally drained. A book, movie, or a nice sleep is what helps me replenish.

As an introvert, I have come to appreciate that #opportunities don’t always come to us. Sometimes we have to create our own opportunities, and often, fight for them. This means coming out of our comfort zone (learning to speak even when we don't feel like it), taking risks (getting passed the emotions and uncertainties), and sometimes allowing people in (remember people only buy from people they know and trust.)

I like to refer to myself as a "doer introvert" because i have learnt to pass through my insecurities to get the life i want, without changing who i am. 

In my journey, I have had to specifically learn to:

- Find and be comfortable with my own voice, despite the fact that we live in a world where most people want to echo their thoughts and voices through others. 

-  Accept that my #emotions could affect my decisions: I have had to learn to wake up, dress up and show up even when i did not feel like it. This small decision changed my life and opened doors i never envisaged.

- #Invest in myself: introverts tend to be #perfectionist, and do not like being embarrassed. I have come to appreciate that i can never be perfect but i can thrive for #excellence in whatever i do. That meant investing in myself, being deliberate about my growth, and ensuring i do not embarrass myself too often:-). 
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- Accept #failure and yet, be uncomfortable with it: we can't talk about success without failure. The Bible is filled with successful stories of individuals who have failed, and the business world reinforces this point quite often. Introverts hate failing and this emotion can prevent us from taking risks. I however, learnt to accept them when they come and yet, be uncomfortable about it to rapidly change things.

- Do it afraid: I do the things i am most scared of prove to myself that i am my only limitation. I am a very ambitious person and i am not willing to regress or have fear hold me back from living a life of fulfillment and purpose. I constantly do the things i fear, to avoid remaining scared.

- Maximize on my strength: i never imagined that i would study psychology. I was pushed into it by circumstances. People felt comfortable talking to me.  In my previous job, i was often referred by my boss as "the one who greatly cares about people." My ability to connect at a deeper level with individuals is my greatest strength and has been very favorable in my business.
Being an introvert is not a death sentence, and neither does it mean staying within one’s comfort zone, while complaining about life. Marcus Aurelius, former Roman Empire and stoic philosopher sums it perfectly well in this beautiful quote: “it is dwelling on the beauty of life. Watching the stars, and seeing yourself running with them.”