“Can a woman have it all ?” was a question a journalist asked me during an interview, some few years ago. “Having it all”, i replied, “is finding a balance in your life. Yes a woman can have it all, just not at the same time,”. 

Back then, I had given birth to my 4th child and found myself suddenly with 2 kids below the ages of 2, I was doing my MBA, was fulfilling my responsibility as a wife, cooking, cleaning, and many others, without a full time helper. I was exhausted. I had prioritised my family and studies, and sacrificed my health, and social and religious life. Before that, i had sacrificed my studies for my family and work.
Today the narrative is different. My kids are slightly older and i am better able to manage my life. In an attempt to define what having it all or having a balanced life meant to me, and hopefully live a purposeful and fulfilled life, i developed what i referred as the 9Rs.  
These 9Rs have been my WHYs, what drive me, the cornerstone of my personality, what i consider important and how i evaluate my personal growth. For example in January, through the 9Rs i realised that i spent more than i saved (which helped me put a plan to reduce some unnecessary expenses), i did some cardio exercises 28/31 days, and met some great people who gave me good businesses or referred me to potential clients. 
The 9Rs help me to be deliberate about my growth. 
Today i am sharing them to help you determine what balancing could be to you, so you can live a purposeful life. 
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