“Priceless dignity.” 

Not just a sentence, much less a motto, but a yearning for change, growth, respect, a vision, an identity, a new beginning- above all a human right. 
The National Police Service (#NPS) recently launched a multi-sector centre under the title POLICARE (Police Cares) as a one stop SGBV (sexual gender violence) response centre in Nairobi, where victims will access all services within the same premises. 
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The objective of #POLICARE, under the motto “Priceless Dignity” is to provide framework to support and strengthen the capacity of the NPS to effectively and efficiently prevent and respond to #SGBV. 
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POLICARE will be delivered in partnership with #Rotary. As a psychologist and Rotarian, i am excited to be part of this journey. Looking forward to inculcate my skills, impact, transform and provide dignity. 
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