Are your employees ''yes men'' or ''challengers''?

Every business has its unique culture, brought about by the diversity of its people and goal.

People view the world through a frame of reference. A frame of reference refers to how we socialize, what we perceive as right, what we consider normal, our way of thinking, of being, of relating to people- how we see things....

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In the workplace, this frame of reference is often portrayed through responses to decision making and implementation of key activities. As leaders, it is paramount you understand the frame of reference of your staff to influence and maximize potential. A frame of reference can often distort reality. Reality, in its real sense is that everybody operate from different perspectives, which is limited to ones life experience, and affect the way they interpret workplace environment and perform.  

While some of your staff may opt for an individual approach to decision making, others may be more inclined to a collective approach. Some may crave belonging and harmony, others may prioritize growth and recognition.

Is your team:
1) Individual and subjective - do they make decisions based on their own values and desires?
2) Individual and objective -  do they make decisions based on the organization's goals?
3) Collective and subjective - do they make decisions based on the group ideology which is often based on socialization, and worldviews?
4) Collective and objective - do they follow the crowd based on social systems, rule of law and infrastructure?

An employee's performance often reflects its leadership.
As you evaluate your team's frame of reference, can you distinguish initiators from followers? How does it impact your company's productivity, quality of offerings, innovation, ability to implement change and delivery speed? How can you re-strategize to take advantage of their skills?

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