As a leader, communicating is not simply the exchange of words, it is often an evaluation of your skills and a confirmation of your worth.

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"Should i talk? What should i say? What is the right thing to say? How can i showcase my exposure, experience, engagement and education when speaking?" are some of the questions most leaders ask themselves before contributing to a conversation.

Over the years I have developed and taught my clients the ABCDE of Conversation to ease their communication:

A- ttentively listen to the points being shared:  this helps your mind remember articles read or conversations previously held regarding the topic.

B- ring forth your contribution

C-hallenge: bring a different perspective on the topic. E.g.: if the conversation was on how innovation has positively enhanced leadership, talk about the negative attributes it has had on the same.

D-ig further on the topic: share feelings &   statistics that can enhance your points.  Some people communicate feeling, others data. By bringing out both aspects, you are able to connect with the different personalities on the table.

E-xpand: expand the conversation by adding a sub-topic / new component.  E.g.: on leadership innovation, you could talk about the extend to which democracy applies to staff leadership.

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