The 2022 Commonwealth Head of Government meeting was held in Rwanda, Kigali. Several meetings were held under its umbrella including the Commonwealth Women Forum, the Commonwealth Youth Forum and the Commonwealth business forum among others.
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Present were Head of States, Ministers, Government officials, Captains of Industry, Venture capitalists and angel investors, Leaders of global and regional development institutions etc.
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Under the theme ‘Delivering a Common Future: Connecting, Innovating, Transforming’, conversations towards building technological and economic opportunities to solve key issues facing the Commonwealth in general and Africans in particular were covered. An emphasis on “A Global Reset”, dealing with the impact of the pandemic and the Commonwealth’s role in rebuilding and reinvigorating the global economy took center-stage.
Some highlights of the meeting:
- A Common future must start with the leadership, it must have equitable resources, equal education for boys and girls, a liveable planet for habitation and inclusion;
- Africa needs to stop being the continent of potentiality but the continent of implementation; 
- Commonwealth to change its image from a political role to an agent of equal and equitable economic enabler; 
- A priority should be put on three fundamental points in Africa– agriculture (while Covid affected movement, social and economic development, people needed to eat. Agriculture should be a key focus in Africa), add value to mineral wealth for economic growth, improve MSME with a focus on young people and women, focus on sustainability of our environment- invest in social impact, protect the environment, use clean energy;
- We must reset the women global view for socio-economic impact;
- An emphasis on intergenerational conversations- bringing together older and younger generations to create shared knowledge, meaning and a collective experience- must be accentuated;
- For young people, an emphasis was placed on involving them in the decision making- we must know what we need to do with them rather than what we need to do for them; 
- Manufacturing in the global supply chain- transfer of real technology and knowledge to improve the skills of the local people in managing local projects and growing local economy (local value addition);
- Banking model in Africa is failing. It has assisted the government and big organizations but not the masses- time for a change;
- Sustainable and safe urbanisation: the world is facing several changes. 50% of future buildings are not yet done it is the opportunity to relook at it and develop infrastructures that build sustainable and safe urbanisation.
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