The 21st Century is replete with a failing narrative of love and marriage. Love has been corrupted by portrayers in the media and in the society. The quality of marriage is deteriorating. When parents do not divorce or separate, they remain married and use children as barriers towards their fulfilment.

Unfortunately, children see more than they hear. They grow up in a dysfunctional environment and become young people who confuse sexual happiness with love.

The Church has for long been the institution for moral foundation, however, some churches seem to have taken a back seat and left the responsibility for moral development to secular influences.

In my book Living and Raising a Godly Family in the 21st Century, I take my readers on a realistic journey towards the foundations of personal and relational purity. To help support my convictions, I lean heavily on the Bible. It is an attempt to outline the pathway back to acceptable and godly standards for the sake of stability in dating and marriage relationships in the 21st century.

The book is available for Kshs.1000. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information and delivery.





A new year signifies hope, new beginning, and a way to have more control over the future.


When you think about business development, what is the first thing that comes into your mind?


The first mistake leaders make when taking up a new role is to fire the people they assume to be the problem, less than a year after their recruitment.